Health & Safety Policies

Our Environmental Safety Guidelines

Here at TABS, our commitment to policies that ensures health and safety in the work environment is paramount and a key thrust of our Safety Management System (SMS), which are as follows:

  • Health and Safety Policy
  • Environmental Protection Policy
  • Anti Bribery Corruption (ABC)
  • Journey Management Policy
  • Drug / Alcohol abuse Policy
  • Night Driving Policy
  • Road Transport Policy
  • Fitness to Drive Policy
  • Seat belt Policy
  • Mobile Phone Policy
  • Maintenance Policy
  • PPE Policy
  • Rest Stop Policy
  • Stop Work Policy


In line with our Corporate HSE Commitment, the HSE objectives in our operations are pursuing the goal of no ham to people and to protect the environment. To achieve this, our primary objectives are:

  • To provide a healthy workforce and workplace.
  • Improve health and increase awareness of alcohol/drug abuse.
  • Improve safety awareness and provide safe environment and reduce accidents.
  • Minimize the impact on environment from client operations.
  • Identify, assess and mitigate the effects of all threats.
  • Continuously improve HSE Performance by application of “best practice” management methods.


For TABS operations, unacceptable risks are defined and the relevant unacceptable risks are to people environment, assets and reputation:

People: Single fatality or victim with permanent total disablement or unfitness for work.

Environment: Severe environmental or social impact where TABS is required to take measures to restore the environment to its original state and mitigate social impacts.

Assets: Major and extensive damage to equipment and property.

Reputation: National public concern. International attention, Extensive negative attention in the national media

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